Your team's goals, plans, tasks, files and much more in one unique collaborative space

Ideal for task management using SCRUM and/or KANBAN

Track pending tasks in list view, kanban, calendar or Ganttt


View the project's manager, the deadlines for each task, the resource allocation and the order of priority.


Track deadlines using a simple calendar view and manage dependent and overlapping tasks.


Assign the necessary time to do specific tasks in a scheduled shift. Register in detail the tasks performed in the timesheet.


Generate real-time reports, analyze your team's performance and prevent possible deviations in your projects.


Visual information

Simplify your processes and break down your project into tasks and subtasks and assign them to your team in order to improve the collaboration within the team. Create customized stages for each project, label tasks and color them in accordance with a specific code defined by you. Plan activities within the tasks so that the software will remind you what to do.

Collaborative messaging

Add quick notes or attach documents to any task and keep in touch with your team. Communicate through message threads within each task or project to notify everyone involved. Write in a real-time shared notepad or use the direct chat, and do all of it through the same interface!

Real-time reports

Create graphic presentations to analyze your data using a powerful search engine, filter and group functions and a variety of visual interfaces, such as bar, line and pie charts,  pivot tables, and even templates that you will be able to save as favorites for frequent queries.