A software for Human Resources

Our software for Human Resources management for companies and government agencies will allow you to improve the recruitment and hiring process, as well as performance assessments, talent and trainings management, surveys, travel expenses and otherwise, employee records, payment of salaries, attendance control, management of the working time, paid leaves, days off and much more. 


Reports on the performance of your organization and employee attendance. Assessment of the work environment and the current recruitment processes.

Assist Control

Control of employee attendance by means of user accounts, kiosk mode with PINS, credential scanning or mass importation of employees' schedules.

Collaborative tool

Areas in which you can set parameters per type of company. Regulations for salary payment that can be easily configured according to each collective bargaining agreement.


Information security, data redundancy, automatic backups.

Modular and scalable solution

Create the design for your pay stubs, keep record of wage garnishment and advanced payments. Simulate salary payments, massively upload news about the staff, keep record of your employees, manage your staff documents, create training courses and keep track of them, register sanctions, design a scheme for shifts, staff turnover and employee professional careers.

Processes and self-management automation

Each collaborator may update certain information in their file and request their absences due to illness, examination, and other absences, attaching supporting documentation as appropriate. They may also request their vacation days and their direct manager or HR manager may authorize or reject all these requests.

Organizational chart

Create departments and appoint managers per work area and design the organizational structure of your company or government agencies by following just a few steps.


Create mass batch payroll payments. Link salary regulations to accounting records. Send online pay stubs.

Public Sector

It is aimed at efficiently processing large volumes of information for payrolls of more than 100.000 state employees. Manage Ministries, Secretaries, Head-Offices, Counties, Municipalities, Town Halls, Agencies, and otherwise.