Management software for
Health Centers

Our software designed for the management of medical facilities allows you to manage appointments online, process invoices of health insurance companies, centralize clinical records electronically, read real-time reports grouped by patient, disease, age, sex, and more. Our software is designed to achieve everything you are looking for to improve, while being in line with your strategy for digital transformation and administrative modernization. 


Management of health insurance companies, medical fees, services, accounting process, hospital admissions and more


Ofrezca turnos y comparta la agenda online. 



Our software can be easily customized for the operation workflows of each healthcare center. Connect your API to other software.


Information security, data redundancy, automatic backups.

The solution consists of different modules:

From the management, patients' admissions and discharges and healthcare professionals grouped by specialties to uploading imaging studies, pharmaceutical stock and all prescriptions electronically. From each scheduled appointment, we begin the traceability process with each patient, from the examination with the healthcare professional and the creation of an electronic (digital) clinical record, to the hospital admission, nursery, drug and medical supplies stock, surgeries, medical equipment maintenance, and more.

You will also have appointment reminders via email and WhatsApp.

Multi-user platform

Generate users for each administrative employee, assistant and professional.


Carry out the accounting process of your healthcare center and check real-time accounting reports.


Examine your patients regularly and register all information just in one place.