Improve the commercial management B2B and B2C by using Odoo CRM

Follow-up with potential clients, create estimate templates with customized designs, increase sales productivity and close sales opportunities.



Group your clients according to the industry or geographic area and allocate price lists .


sales funnel

Reports on closed and forecasted businesses. Analyze how your clients discovered you.



Embedded messaging to exchange information with the rest of the commercial team.


Get a sales forecast

demostración de uso de la plataforma Odoo para gestión de ventas

Schedule reminders to follow-up with potential clients.

Customize your reports and receive valuable information for your organization.

Integrate your tool with third parties' software in an easy and fast way.

Work remotely anywhere by using the mobile version available for tablets and smartphones.

Greater control of the information

Send clear and detailed estimates to your clients and receive read receipts of the estimates sent. 

Improve your profitability with specific actions

Increase your sales turnover by automatically offering different options, accessories, discounts and special offers.

Planning future actions

Schedule activities for your potential clients: calls, meetings, emails and estimates. Receive all the information you need right away: estimates read receipts, emails sent, etc.

Convert leads into sales

Email marketing

Create automatic campaigns of massive emails to be sent to specific groups. 

Gain clients

Convert leads into clients. Import files from clients easily by using Odoo CRM.

 URL Trackers

Monitor the leads source by using UTM trackers for all your marketing campaigns.

Live chat

Activate a live chat in your website to talk to visitors and convert them into leads. Determine the settings for different countries or websites.